Western Digital 4TB Thunderbolt Portable RAID drive

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At £210.63 for the 2TB, and £346.10 (Prices correct at posting date) for the 4TB model there are many cheaper, and more reliable hard drives on the market.

But, are they thunderbolt drives, which work with Apple’s high speed data transfer port?

Do they have the ability to set them up as RAID drives?

These are the two killer features for this external drive and make it stand head and shoulders above the other drives on the market.

Data transfer rates are advertised at around 230MB/s however the actual rate will depend on the model of Mac you are connecting to.

This drive has a very robust and solid feel to it, and benefits from a rubber bump strip around the side, this is also the thunderbolt cable. This is both an amazingly clever piece of design, as the cable is always with you when you are on the road, it also means that WD have not had to put any ports on the drive and so this does not support daisy chaining, one of the key features of Thunderbolt.

The great things about this drive are:

The drive comes shipped in a massive 2TB or 4TB capacity, however it is worth noting that it is shipped as RAID 0 which gives the highest speed as the files are saved across the two drives, however it does not give protection against one of the drives failing. For this the settings need to be changed to RAID 1, where the data is mirrored, so if there is the failure of one drive, your data is still safe on the other drive.

The drive is powered through the Thunderbolt Cable.

The Cable wraps around the drive to form a protective bumper.

The integrated cable means one less cable to carry with me when travelling

It is easy to set up and use.

The data transfer speeds are excellent, I use a SSD MacBook Pro which is fast, there is a slight delay when using the drive but the transfer speeds are as swift as one would expect from Thunderbolt.

The limitations are:

It is an expensive piece of kit.

It is bulky and heavy.

The fan is noisy when it kicks in.


I love this drive, it is in my laptop bag all the time and allows me to carry most of my image library with me on the road, I can also transfer files knowing they are safe as they are protected by RAID 1.

There have been comments on other reviews about the reliability of this drive, however it has been in almost daily use since July 14 without any problems or issues.

I am delighted with this piece of kit and recommend it with no hesitation.

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