Philips A1 Professional DJ headphones

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These A1PRO headphones from Phillips were, if one believes the marketing hype created in collaboration with 5-time world’ s best DJ award winner, Armin van Buuren.

So what do we want from a pair of headphones, comfort, robustness and excellent sound are the criteria that immediately spring to mind.

These headphones deliver on all of those criteria and more….

They have incredibly comfortable cushions for comfort and to give a great listening experience as they isolate you from other sounds.

They also fold flat for easy carrying, but I am getting ahead of myself…



These headphones come nicely presented in a cardboard box which contains the headphones, the lead which has a coiled end and extends to 1.8m and an adapter to change the jack from the smaller size to the larger size.



These headphones are among the most comfortable that I have ever worn.

They adjust to perfectly suit each user.

The cushions are also very comfortable.

As an added bonus parts such as the cushions, which do wear with constant use, are replaceable.



These headphones were not compatible with my MacBook Pro laptop, until I updated it to Yosemite.

They work my iPod nano, my iPhone, and various other devices.

Sound Quality



These are excellent, the sound quality is awesome, the clarity is exceptional.

Bass notes and treble are well balanced and well reproduced.

This must be down to the 40mm neodymium drivers, engineered for 2500mW of power.

The sound really is excellent with no distortion even at high volumes.

In a nutshell


Price £77.60 (Amazon) correct at time of posting

These are the best headphones I have every used, the combination of exceptional comfort, and the sound quality make these a must have.


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