Windows 10 Free For Pirates

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Windows 10 product family

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10 is due to be released this summer. That bit isn’t so interesting, but the next line is.

The operating system upgrades to Windows 10 will be free for everyone. Even those with pirate versions of Windows 7 and 8.

It was all confirmed in a recent blog post by Microsoft, who will also be giving away a “light” version of the O/S for “Internet of Things” devices.

As a die hard Mac Boy, I’m sure that Doug will start spouting something about giving it away being the only way for them to get people to upgrade, but I think it’s a positive move.

It is, after all, what Apple and Google’s Android have being doing for a couple of years now, but gone are the days when users would be willing to fork out hundreds of pounds on software upgrades – users now expect the latest, most secure software to be available as an easy and free update.

Microsoft’s main income stream once came from selling licenses for it’s operating systems, so presumably they are hoping that they’ll be able to entice users into signing up (and paying!) for it’s cloud services.

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