The Lenovo Z50 15.6 inch laptop

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A thin, light and highly portable laptop running Windows 8.1.


There is little to take offence to in the minimalist design of this laptop. The Lenovo name is emblazoned on the lid in chrome letters which certainly stand out against the sea of black plastic which makes up the rest of this laptop.

On opening the device there is a full qwerty keyboard and a number pad, which is very useful and one of the things I have greatly missed on my beloved MacBook Pro. The surround to the keyboard has the look of black brushed metal, which is very pleasing.


The screen is bright and has a good resolution, with text being reasonably crisp and clear.

The colours are rich and life like, but seem to fade when using the laptop for watching streamed media, which is a disadvantage.

However for email, web and office use it is absolutely fine.

For image editing or watching streamed media the lack of rich colours may be a real negative.


The keyboard tends to divide people, but I have to say I like it.

The keys are responsive and are well spaced.

Any new keyboard takes time to adapt to, but this has nicely cushioned keys, and is very comfortable to use.

The keyboard seems to float a little, but despite looking a little different it is very great to type on.

The number pad is a very useful addition.

The mouse is in a good position and is responsive and easy to use.

Setting up

The process of setting up was quite straightforward, but also quite lengthy, however you only have to do this once and there were no problems, the wifi was detected without issue and before long I was up and running.

The whole set up took under 15 minutes from start to finish.

Battery Life

Despite clever power management apps, the battery only lasts around 2  hours, which really is not long enough for a machine at this price point.

If the laptop is to be used around the house, then this is not an issue, but if it is to be used on the road a 6 or 8 hour battery would make all the difference.


For office applications, email, and surfing the laptop is fast, very fast.

It plays streamed media content from websites such as iplayer very well.

However having installed iTunes, (which looks terrible in Windows 8.1) the playback of content, even when it has been downloaded is slightly stilted with a tiny, but noticeable amount of stuttering.

At this price point that is a great disappointment,


Despite the Dolby badge the speakers give a rather tinny sound, but I tend to use Bluetooth speakers with a laptop and so this is not an issue.

The speakers are positioned on the lower surface of the laptop (I can see why as it is a thin machine and has an optical drive) and so the noise is muffled by my knees or the desk.


Pros: This is a well designed, good machine for use in the office. It is lightweight and has a great keyboard with number pad.

Cons: The poor battery life and multimedia performance are serious limitations.


In a nutshell


Price: (Amazon Jan 15) £489.99

Weight: 2.5 kg


Our rating 70%

Design 70%

Battery 60%

Performance 80%



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