Peli U100 Urban Elite Laptop Backpack

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I have to admit I have been investigating this rucksack for many a long month, trying to justify buying this to replace my ageing current over the shoulder laptop bag.

As I have yet to buy any product from Peli that has not been engineered and built to extreme standards this seemed just the piece of kit to keep a Gadget Guys MacBook Pro safe and sound – whatever the eventuality.

And so it happened that one evening, in a wine induced haze of happiness, I clicked the buy it now button on Amazon and became the proud owner of this rucksack.

First impressions…

Build quality


This is a very well engineered piece of kit, which is built to the usual Peli standard. The fabric is tough and every aspect of the build suggests that this will last for many years.


To become a part of my kit, this has to really perform from a design point of view, and so far I am impressed.

It is very comfortable to wear on the back, with either one strap or two.

The hard case to protect my MacBook Pro is everything one would expect from Peli. However I was rather disappointed to discover that the supplied foam blocks (to stop the lap top being damaged moving around in the case) fell off almost immediately. They do not seem to be consistent with the Peli experience. I am sure they could have done better, for example instead of a self adhesive pad to attach to a fuzzy lining, a velcro system would surely have been better.

However moving on to more positives there are numerous pockets for ‘must have with me at all costs’  gadgets, the plethora of leads that I seem to need, a gorilla battery pack and power cables etc.

I was delighted to find that there was plenty of room to stow all I wanted.


Heavy, so, so so very heavy!

There is just one problem with this otherwise superb bag…

The Peli U100 is 3.65kg EMPTY.

Filled with my precious laptop, gadgets and leads it was heavy. Very heavy. Too heavy to lift with comfort heavy…

So I unloaded some of my gadgets and stripped back to essential – I must have this with me items.

It was still heavy.

I tested the Peli U100 on a trip to London, it performed well, keeping my MacBook (15″) secure and well protected, however on a long walk from the tube to where I was working (about a 20 minute walk) its weight was very noticeable.

On taking the Peli U100 off in the office I got that lighter than air feeling you get after hiking and removing a heavy laptop.


In a nutshell

I am still pleased that I ordered the Peli U100, in many ways it is THE ideal laptop bag, and it does offer amazing protection. But that amazing protection comes at a price.

So I have gone back to using my trusty Mulberry Henry Laptop Bag, which offers good protection and is light weight.

However when travelling further afield, I can stow everything in the Peli U100 and chuck it in the boot of the car, knowing I have bomb proof protection and everything I need with me.

Price £124.30 on Amazon at the time of posting.

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