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Sadly I have reached that age when the dentist is talking to me about the importance of flossing and of using interdental brushes. This task seems to take a lot of time, and I always seem to be in a hurry so A gadget is required.

Enter the Philips Sonicare AirFloss the superhero of oral hygiene.

A quick read of the online reviews are worrying as many report on the device not working on arrival or packing up within a few days.

However relying on Philips good name and reputation I have taken the plunge and ordered this interesting oral health gadget.

Here are my early experiences

On arrival the device must be charged for 24 hours which seems a little excessive, however the instructions are very insistent about this, and so on charge it went.

Then came the acid test, would it work?

Once charged to use the Philips Sonicare AirFloss one simply clicks on the head (which requires a reasonable amount of pressure) it then needs to be filled with either water or mouthwash, which is free from Isopropyl Myristate which can attack the plastic. The AirFloss takes hardly any mouthwash to fill the tank, partly because it uses micro drops but also so that it stays fresh.

Once the AirFloss is filled and has the head attached you simply push down on the top switch/button to prime the AirFloss, which springs into life and fires pulses of compressed air and mouthwash

What it is like in use

Oh my goodness, it is an unusual sensation.

An explosion of air and mouthwash blasts all the plaque and food particles from between your teeth. This is all blown into your mouth as you use it on the outside of the teeth blasting in to the mouth.

Simply slide the head so it is between your teeth and press, then move on the the gap between the next teeth and so on.

It takes only a few seconds to complete the task.

It has to be said that my gums did bleed quite a lot on the first use, which is a sign of poor gum health. However it is remarkable how quickly this reduces as oral hygiene and gum health improve.

In a nutshell

My teeth feel very clean with a brushing and AirFlossing regime.

The mouthwash lasts two cleaning cycles and then needs to be topped up, which is simplicity itself.

Overall, this is much faster or using those interdental brushes.

The mouthwash leaves your mouth nice and fresh.

This is a superb little device and while expensive, is very effective.

I will continue to update this review as time goes on, but so far I am delighted by both the ease of use and by how effective this cleaver little gadget is.

The Philips Sonicare AirFloss HX8211/02 at the time of posting was available on Amazon for £54.99.

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