Philips AECS7000E/00 WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker

For its size, this is a truly amazing piece of kit that has made it into my laptop bag as a permanent piece of kit.

For such a small device the speaker works very well, it produces a sound that is crisp and clear, and so much better than earlier models of conference call devices that sometimes sound as if you are speaking under water.

The microphones pick up voices from a reasonable distance so if you are chatting around a table or a desk, there is no problem and no need to lean in and shout to be heard.

Bluetooth pairing has become much more straightforward and was a very straightforward process from my iPhone 5.

Whilst it is not strictly necessary the WeCall app has some lovely features, syncing calendars and phone numbers..

The speaker comes with a quality felt case that offers scratch protection and has an elastic hoop to store the cable which is a nice touch.

The charging is quite fast, an hour or two seems to do the trick, (there is a red charging light that goes off when the device is charged) and the battery life seems to be very good, and close to the 8 hours that Philips quote with a 200 hour standby.

I have a plethora of small gadgets I use a lot and so carry a power gorilla mini with me, so if I run out of charge I can just add the USB cable and carry on.

The pick up (answer) and hangup controls, and volume are easy to access and the mute button on the top are well designed.

All in all this is a very well designed piece of kit, that works like a dream with good call quality.


Pros: A very capable piece of kit the microphones pick up from at least 4 meters, the sound quality is good, and the battery life is excellent

Cons: The only negative thing that I have to say about this device is that the sound quality is not quite as good as a bluetooth music speaker.

In a nutshell

Price: (Amazon Jan 15) £129.95

Weight: 422g

Our rating 93%

Design 90%

Battery 95%

Performance 95%

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