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I ought to come clean at the start I am a huge fan of Amazon’s Kindle range of ebook readers which are in my humble opinion light years ahead of the competition.

I own several Kindle devices, from one of the first Kindle’s with a keyboard, through to a Paperwhite and now the Kindle Voyage.Over the last 3 or 4 years I have come to prefer the experience of reading on a Kindle.

There are a number of reasons for this.

  • I don’t loose my place, which is a problem with paperbacks.
  • I like to read in bed and so the illuminated screen is a huge bonus.
  • Unlike my iPad mini (which I love) the kindle does not hurt my eyes after a long reading session.
  • You can also read in daylight even in the sun with the kindle.
  • I find Kindle books, on the whole to be good value for money
  • I also like to have my library ( a grand term for my collection of books) with me
  • The added features such as clicking on a characters name for a synopsis, the highlighting and dictionary are also useful.

So what does the Voyage have that made it worth the upgrade?

First and foremost – The Screen.

This is vital after all, this is the part of the Kindle, that we will be staring at for hours on end, and it is just perfect.

Blacks are a rich deep black, and the greys are so much better as well; which is useful when the book that you are reading contains an illustration.

In short this improvement to the screen alone would make the upgrade from a previous model worthwhile.

The new screen goes to the edge of the kindle, which gives a more pleasing look.

The screen is also coated on a non reflective material, which is very noticeable indeed and adds to the usability and reading experience.

Now for the next huge leap forward with the Voyage, the page turn.

This is always the problem with ebook readers as turning the page can interrupt the reading process…

I was not a great fan of the Paperwhite for page turns, I often somehow managed to go the opposite direction, or worse turning two pages at a time.

This is much improved on the Voyage. You can tap the screen, or simple press the bezel in the special page turn zone, to turn the page and to receive a little vibration to confirm the command. I like this feature a lot, (but then as my fellow Gadget Guy Dale would say, I am just sad.)

The light seems to give a more even illumination, (the bottom of the screen on my Paperwhite had darker and lighter zones) it also adapts to the current light levels which is rather neat and is another very nice feature.

So am I happy I upgraded?


The crisp screen, the new page turn system of pressing the bezel and the adaptive front light together are compelling reasons to upgrade.

I have no regrets.

The set up is simple, and rather clever, as the device takes you through connecting to your wifi network and connecting to your amazon account, it also shows you the features of the Voyage, while in the background it is syncing with the cloud, so all your books are visible on the device as if by magic when you are ready fro them.

Finally I have gone for the WiFi only model, as I can connect the kindle to my phones hotspot or a guest wifi network if I am on the road, so I cannot see the advantage of the 3G option, I chose to save the money to buy new books (or other essential items for life which always have a plug and a processor.)

If you do go for a voyage, I hope you will be as happy with yours as I am with mine.

In a nutshell

Price: £169 (WiFi) only, price correct at time of posting

Weight: 180g

Capacity: 4GB (Enough for more books than you are ever likely to read!
Battery Life: Depends on how much you read, but I am getting 3 -4 weeks to a charge and am a very keen reader

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