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OK, it was an evil thing to do, but a wry smile came to my face when Dale, TOGG (The Other Gadget Guy) told me a of a work colleague who had to take their iPhone back to the Apple Mothership as it would no longer charge. The Apple Guru, on examining the phone removed a huge ball of fluff from the phone and all was well.

It could have happened to anyone. (Especially if that person was Dale) our tech in day to day use tends to pick up fluff and dirt, especially in those difficult to clean places like headphone sockets, HDMI sockets and as an Apple freak in thunderbolt sockets.

Enter Betron Superclean, which is the new superhero in gadget land.

Do not be put off by how hard it is to open the sachet, and prise the ziplock slider open.

Do not be put off that the green goo it contains needs to be coaxed out of the sachet.

But do marvel that when you gently press the goo (or cleaning gel as it can also be known) into the crevices of gadgets it can be peeled off with the fluff, dirt and dust attached to it.

This is an incredibly effective cleaner, which the makers claim will also disinfect your gadgets.

I could not be more impressed, from laptop keyboard (yuk) to iPhone, to MacBook, (just mow much fluff can you get in an HDMI or USB port) it just assimilated all of the fluff, dust and dirt.

At £3.89 (price on Amazon at time of posting) this is excellent value as the goo (cleaning gel) can be used over and over agin until it changes from a fresh green to a yucky dull sludgy colour, at which point it is time to buy another pack.

I have been raving about this product so much that TOGG (Dale The Other Gadget Guy) has even parted with some of his hard earned cash and bought a pack…

There can be no higher honour than that!

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